Lounge On The Farm 2013

A regular outing to Merton Farm – a must in every event calendar – and great to be photographing on behalf of the Lounge guys this year.

If you like your festivals laid back and very chilled then I highly recommend Lounge On The Farm (top tip: get the early bird tickets while you can!)

Aston Martin Centenary Celebrations, Kensington Gardens, July 2013

What can I say? If there was one place that I had to be this year then it had to be Kensington Gardens on the 21st July!

I think, on reflection, that I found the whole day a bit overwhelming – seeing the ’70s and ’80s models that first set mistereb’s pulse racing reminded me of the first time I heard the roar of the Spitfire or experienced the gut-rattling of a Vulcan. Phew, emotional stuff!

Highlights of the day? Hmm…. the V8 Vantages reminded me of when the love-affair started, the DB5 Shooting Brake tickled me, I finally came face to face with CC100 (think I’ve missed my ride now), the DB4 Zagato is even nicer in the flesh than I thought possible, I discovered something new in the impossibly immaculate Brooklands Racer, and finally who could fail to pause for a few minutes with DBR1/4 – certainly not the lovely Katie Bowerman, who I think gave me my photo of the day.

So here’s what I snapped on the 21st, both in the Salon Privé and on my walkabout. It’s not chronological: I’ve tried to split it roughly into Cars and People (for those of you with limited time and patience for either!).

For more info and some video please take 5 minutes to visit the Aston Martin website.

Going live to the Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital

Happened to be walking past St Mary’s on my way to give Kate some advice on yogic breathing and several news crews were doing pieces to camera (as we call it in the industry). So there’s a gorgeous lady, made-up for telly, lit with daylight bulbs and reflectors in place to show her at her best – so what’s an aspiring photographer to do when a perfectly lit model is plonked in front of him?!? (Love the cheeky smile she gave me!)

I will be asking my Italian friends and family if they recognise her – she’s from Italian Sky, I think…