Aston Martin Centenary Celebrations, Kensington Gardens, July 2013

What can I say? If there was one place that I had to be this year then it had to be Kensington Gardens on the 21st July!

I think, on reflection, that I found the whole day a bit overwhelming – seeing the ’70s and ’80s models that first set mistereb’s pulse racing reminded me of the first time I heard the roar of the Spitfire or experienced the gut-rattling of a Vulcan. Phew, emotional stuff!

Highlights of the day? Hmm…. the V8 Vantages reminded me of when the love-affair started, the DB5 Shooting Brake tickled me, I finally came face to face with CC100 (think I’ve missed my ride now), the DB4 Zagato is even nicer in the flesh than I thought possible, I discovered something new in the impossibly immaculate Brooklands Racer, and finally who could fail to pause for a few minutes with DBR1/4 – certainly not the lovely Katie Bowerman, who I think gave me my photo of the day.

So here’s what I snapped on the 21st, both in the Salon Privé and on my walkabout. It’s not chronological: I’ve tried to split it roughly into Cars and People (for those of you with limited time and patience for either!).

For more info and some video please take 5 minutes to visit the Aston Martin website.

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