Unearthing the past

Making the most of a warm Saturday afternoon we packed wellies and trowels before heading off to ‘Treasure Beach’.

For those of you who haven’t been, this is a part of Folkestone that is gradually slipping into the sea and the clay that is exposed by each tide reveals thousands of fossils. They’re so incredibly well-preserved that in most cases they still have the original shell in situ, and thanks to the high level of pyrites in the ground a lot of the fossils have been ‘gilded’ – like the one below.

Bagfuls of fossils and Roman roof tile were unearthed before Daddy spots something appearing from a mudslide. 5 minutes later we revealed the biggest ammonite we’d ever seen – must have been 30cm across. We had to leave it behind as it was just an impression in the mud and the next tide will have reclaimed something last washed up 400 million years ago…

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