Folkestone Triennial 2014 Opening Party and Launch Event

A great commission on behalf of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter: shoot the launch party, then the opening ceremony and Day One of Folkestone’s Triennial.

Great fun, fantastic Triennial and highly recommended. Big thanks to Renata for the commission.



Taste Of London video

So, in addition to shooting stills for ILN on behalf of Maille at Taste Of London, I shot some video too which was beautifully edited by none other than Nico Bee.

Currently being hosted on Maille’s Facebook page and website. Please follow them for all the latest news, recipes and events.



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Loops Of Fury

As you know, I never pass up the opportunity to get some funky nighttime stuff at Lounge and I quickly spotted my opportunity to show a little ‘extended gallery’ of the cool effects generated by Lounge’s Lady of the Loop in my Lounge On The Farm post (and to embed one of my fave Chemical Brothers tracks!).

I love the way that these slow exposures have created almost three-dimensional abstract shapes – not unlike the how the naked eye sees them. Apparently this hoop had to be imported from the States to the tune of some £350, so I’ll take that off my Christmas list then.

Enjoy – and please vote for your favourite!


Lounge On The Farm 2014

So it was that time of year again – a new one-day format for the last Lounge (on Merton Farm, at least). Still loads to do and somehow cram it all into 18 hours and take some photos.

My personal highlights were jiving with missuseb to Si Cranstoun, going bonkers to DJ Yoda and the Trans Siberian Marching Band, the usual frollicks at the Farmhouse with Coco and the Butterfields, John Kye was electrifying in the day’s lowest-key performance and The Pajama Men were very, very funny. There was a bit of rock’n’roll glamour with helicopter departures, I had a chance to get up close (but not-so-personal) with Huey of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and then there was familiar mayhem that a camera attracts in the Farmhouse after dark (those pictures will NOT be appearing here, or anywhere else!) and my God, did you get to try that Indian food?!?

Hope you all had a great time, thanks to Jamie and the team, what does 2015 have in store? 10 year LOTF anniversary party over three days in a new location. Can’t wait.