Thirsty Bstrd @ Lilford Gallery

Big thank you to David at the Lilford for the invite – was great to see Julien in action (even if the finished piece was snapped up before it was even finished and dry!).

(Obviously all artworks copyright of the artist)

Paris en Décembre

48 hours of walking, eating, walking, art, walking, lots of cute dogs and a soupçon of drinking.

Running Risks at Turner Contemporary

The opening day of Risk at Turner Contemporary.

King’s Wood revisited

Mrs E-B was back at King’s Wood for her second and final residency; in fact it was the very last residency as Stour Valley Arts sadly lost its funding. So we wanted to make the most of it.

The mid-March weather was better than we could have hoped for and after a great afternoon exploring the woods we were just settling down for supper when there came a knock at the window (scarier than you think in a lonely cabin!). The Friends of King’s Wood were inviting us to come and count newts in the ponds tucked away in the woods deepest secret places! Not everyone’s idea of a crazy Saturday night but it was certainly wild – we saw deer, newts, frogs and had a mad Land Rover ride.

Sunday morning brought the buzzing of wood-working and we introduced ourselves to Justin and Josh, the fence-making guys in the adjacent wood-yard. Second and third generation fence men, respectively, they’re processing an important by-product of the forestry taking place throughout Kings Wood, and exporting it across Europe.

For more info see: Previous visit to King’s Wood, Stour Valley Arts and Friends Of King’s Wood

The Last Days of Folkestone Triennial 2014

After shooting the opening party and then the first day of the 2014 Triennial I finally got chance to go and see it for myself – and only just in time.

Amidst all the bustle of the last weekend, we took the opportunity to go and see the ‘Folkestone Banksy’ and as we were there an ominous drilling sound came from behind the piece. Oh yes, the greedy owner of the building decided to remove this generous gift to the people of Folkestone – 33 days after it first appeared and after one or two naughty additions had been made. You can just see the first drill-holes appearing at the top left of the piece. A couple of hours after I took these, possibly the last in-situ, pictures our art-loving Granny was gone.

Folkestone Triennial 2014 Opening Party and Launch Event

A great commission on behalf of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter: shoot the launch party, then the opening ceremony and Day One of Folkestone’s Triennial.

Great fun, fantastic Triennial and highly recommended. Big thanks to Renata for the commission.