A post-Christmas treat for Mum: Walking With Goats.

Thanks to Joke for letting us take the girls on a run.

2013 Round-up

Faced with the daunting task of actually keeping my New Year’s Resolution of keeping my blog up to date I thought the best way forward was to summarise August–December 2013 and move on. So here it is…

Going live to the Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital

Happened to be walking past St Mary’s on my way to give Kate some advice on yogic breathing and several news crews were doing pieces to camera (as we call it in the industry). So there’s a gorgeous lady, made-up for telly, lit with daylight bulbs and reflectors in place to show her at her best – so what’s an aspiring photographer to do when a perfectly lit model is plonked in front of him?!? (Love the cheeky smile she gave me!)

I will be asking my Italian friends and family if they recognise her – she’s from Italian Sky, I think…